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Scripture Solitaire

Each card has a short phrase in place of the rank (King, Queen, etc.). When those phrases are put together in order, they form a Bible verse (KJV). 6 visual themes, 7 games, 100's of Bible verses. Enter your own verses! A fun way to learn God's Word!

Qur'an Viewer (Koran)

Multi-Language Qur'an Software. Full Arabic/English with Qur'anic Commentary, Transliteration, Index, Glossary (500+ words!), and Full search. Supports Plug-in Qur'an Translations. Verses can be compared in any language, now with Manuscript Viewer!

Scripture Challenge

Scripture Challenge is an in-depth Bible question and answer game, containing over 3600 questions gathered from the Old and New Testaments. Scripture Challenge offers a unique and enjoyable method of learning more about your Bible.


SmartRoster generates ministry schedules for churches. Enter people, roles, events, work-together preferences, absences, and SmartRoster automatically builds the schedule for distribution by email or hardcopy. Very visual and easy to use!


The Ultimate Pagan Software! A must have resource for all pagans and wiccans! Within this program you will find information on runes, sabbats, tools used in the craft, glossary of terms, divination, incense, a HUGE selection of spells and alot more!

Stories of the Prophets (Biographies)

Learn about the fascinating lives of the Prophets, their struggles and victories, as well as the lessons that can be learned from them. (Based on Al-Imam Ibn Khathir's scholary work). Biographies from Prophet Adam (pbuh) to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

SwordSearcher Bible Software

Bible study application, featuring numerous resources and unique features; more than a Bible concordance. Includes several commentaries, dictionaries, maps, illustrations, and topical guides. Powerful searching and many useful time-saving tools.

Virtual Hymnal

Provides transposable sheet music for over 300 traditional Christian hymns. Options: play, transpose, print, 4-part harmony/melody only, guitar chord fret diagrams, verses only, round or shape-notes. Displays the music exactly as it will print out.

The Bible Collection

A classic and inspirational collection of beautiful note cards for all occasions featuring quotes from the Bible and paintings of nature. Cards are formatted and ready to print as needed. Inexpensive and easy-to-use.

The Scroll, Bible Topics

Search 78 Bible Topics 195,000 words of modern material on the Bible including History of the Bible, Books of the Bible, Bible Themes, Life of Christ, People, Custom & Practices, Major Events, Objects, Archaeology, Languages.

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Высшее право часто есть высшее зло.


Продал Федор муку в городе, купил себе кожаные сапоги,
смазал дегтем и со спокойной совестью выпил городской водочки
в полное свое удовольствие. Да так, что едва вышел из города на
дорогу, что вела к селу. Но идти уже не мог и упал на дороге.
А воры тут как тут -- и сняли с него сапоги.
Утром едет мужик из села, видит -- лежит земляк.
-- Вставай, Федька!
-- Да еще рано...
-- Какое рано, уже солнце вон где!
-- Убирайся! -- сердится Федор.
-- Хм, еще и злится! Ну, Бог с тобой, валяйся, если нравится,
но хотя бы ноги убери с дороги, дай проехать. Вишь, как разлегся.
Глянул Федор на свои ноги и видит, что нет сапог, да и
-- Это не мои ноги, мои в сапогах!


ГАИ с большой дороги

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