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blueshell ADO Survey Kit

  Версия: 3.00.0013
Автор:HvB Computer Engineering
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bAsk - the blueshell ADO Survey Kit - is a new diagnostic toolkit for ADO programmers. It presents viewers for all types of ADObjects. bAsking is better than debugging! It's freeware! Link bask.dll to your VB project and view all your ADObjects! You may include calls to bAsk in your program code or you may use it from Visual Basic's Immediate window. View DataEnvironments, Forms with bAt Controls, recordsets, fields, catalogs and more. Calling the viewer There is a (and currently only one) simple interface to bAsk: The method View. It takes any bAsk-visible object as its argument. It automatically detects the type of the object and routes it to the appropriate viewer. Examples: => View DataEnvironment1: Views the Data Environment named DataEnviroment1 => View Forms: Views the Forms collection of your VB application => View rec1: Views a recordset named rec1 => blueshellAsk.View rec1: Same as above, using full qualified identification (in case you have another Sub called "View"). You may look at the examples "Northwind" and "Scott" supplied with blueshell Active Tables and see how they are using bAsk.



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