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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Delphi components  

Database Genius

  Версия: 1.0.2
Автор:S.V. Software
Скачать Цена:$90


Database Genius is a database tool used to create and execute SQL statements in a easy to use graphical environment. After executing a query, the user can format the results to create a report and export it to html, excel, dbf, text, csv, windows meta file, and other file formats. Features Include: - Supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase Adaptive Server and any other DBMS via ODBC - Graphical interface to design queries - Connect to different data sources at the same time - Display graphically a SQL file or SQL statement typed by the user - Generates different SQL syntax for each DBMS - SQL syntax highlighting. Language-specific keywords, comments, and strings are colored differently to set them apart from plain text. This gives the user an cleaner, easy to understand view of the SQL - Filter and sort your results without having to re-execute your query - Save your report to a file, open it at a later time and refresh it's data with a click of a button - Export your data or report to html, excel, dbf, text, csv, windows meta file, and other file formats - Great reporting tool for inexperienced to advanced users - and much more



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В.Г. Белинский


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-- Это правда.
-- И ты никогда не встречал ее раньше?
-- Никогда.
-- Так почему ты вдруг рискнул?
-- Понимаешь, я танцевал с ней шестой танец подряд и не
мог придумать другой темы для разговора.


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